In Postproduction

  • Work in progress: “Mark & Me” (AT)

    The Mark Travis Documentary

    In the year of his 70th birthday, the directing coach Mark W. Travis goes on his greatest workshop tour around the world. A young director follows him, to learn from his mentor, and to be changed forever—professionally, personally.

    Director: Stefan Najib
    Camera: Marcus Mangeot, Christine Lüdge
    Country of shooting: USA
    Sound: Henry Lais
    Status: Postproduction

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  • Work in progress: “14,74 oder Das Streben nach Mittelmäßigkeit”

    A short film about the magic of the very first proper kiss.

    Director: Antoine Dengler
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Producer: Tobias Ebner
    Art Director: Tonia Hochsieder

    Genre: Coming of Age
    Length: 15 min
    Finishing: Dec. 2017
    Status: Postproduction